About RIBdiculous BBQ

RIBdiculous BBQ is an on-site Private Chef and Catering Service specializing in international barbeque and fine dining for all occasions. Our goal is to relieve you from the pressure and time constraints of cooking for your guests, and to provide a memorable food experience for everyone involved. RIBdiculous chefs come to your house and prepare a custom menu tailored to your tastes and designed to excite your guests! Our most popular item is whole roasted pig, cooked on-site from start to finish and served to order. However, our menu is flexible and covers a wide range of cultures. Though we draw many of our flavors from Classic Southern BBQ, South American and South-Western cuisine, the true inspiration for our menus come from our clients. We are constantly evolving and diversifying our menu to put a New American spin on classic regional dishes from around the world!

RIBdiculous BBQ isn’t just about the meat. We offer Vegan and Vegetarian options as well as appetizers, side dishes, passed Hors d'oeuvres and full buffet arrangements. Our flexible menu and experience makes us adaptable to parties of all types, whether it be a backyard celebration or an elegant wedding. We utilize several different grills including propane, charcoal, hardwood smokers and a Cuban style roasting box known as a Caja Asadora which is known best for roasting WHOLE pigs! We bring our own equipment and pride ourselves on cleanliness and professionalism. After we break down our mobile kitchen, we make sure to leave your lawn or event site in the same condition in which we found it, or better.

Your menu begins with a short phone interview to discuss the event. Once we understand the purpose and scope of your event, we work with you to create a customized menu. We love a theme party and we are sneaky enough for surprise parties. We go anywhere we are allowed to grill and offer a drop-off service where we are not welcome. We have delivered hot pulled pork to picnics in the park, roasted pigs for the Bride & Groom, and stoked the flames at a Game Of Thrones theme party. Check out our sample menu section and the video below for a taste of what we make. If you don’t see your dream dish there, don’t despair! Our chefs are fully prepared to develop a winning recipe for your dish and make it a reality!

RIBdiculous In Action